We are on a mission to liberate businesses from the pains of billing, collection and late payments.

We believe billing, collection and payments should be a challenge of the past. Service providers waste too much valuable time on simple processes such as billing, collection and payments. On average, it is estimated that an invoice costs $10 to pay or collect, including management time, labor and fees. These costs do not include the opportunity cost and the frustration from collection calls. As business owners and executives from both the financial and software space, we are too familiar with the frustrating feeling of late payments and the time and money spent on these processes. We are aware of the administrative burden of these processes of billing and payment. We’ve been there - not knowing how much money we will have at the end of the month because we don’t know when customers will pay. We were also customers of other businesses, like you are, and know that most of the time these late payments are just a consequence of events, lack of time and resources to attend to administrative payment processes, and not out of bad faith.   For these reasons, we have founded Anchor to end all of these dreadful processes for all of us, vendors and customers. Anchor delivers on its promise of effortless payments without changing the way you work, without losing control or adding payment risk, and most importantly paying and getting paid on time every time, effortlessly.     

The people behind the technology

Over 45 years of accumulated experience in finance, cyber security, software and product architecture brought together to create the future billing.

Rom Lakritz, CEO

✜ CFO & COO, Fireglass (Acq By Symantec $250M) ✜ Co-founder & BoD, Omnix ✜ Co-founder & CEO, ROIEC ✜ Co-founder & CEO, Tipengo Experienced leader with over 10 years of diversified experience in leading startup companies in a number of sectors.

Leeor Aharon, CTO

✜  Senior architect, ✜  Head of data, Viber ✜ Team leader, Cloudshare ✜ Team leader, Checkpoint  Seasoned product builder with over 20 years experience in architecture, R&D and managing teams.

Omry Man, CMO

✜ Founder & CEO, Winja  ✜ Co-Founder & CEO, Zebra Media ✜ Co-Founder & CMO, NTT Web Creation Skilled Entrepreneur in the software space with a strong passion for performance marketing and 15 years of hands-on experience in digital marketing and business development.  


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