Freedom from the pain of Billing 

End the hassle of invoicing and the pursuit of collections. 

Designed for service providers unique billing needs, Anchor turns the billing and collection process from a frustrating burden into a seamless function. Actually get paid on time, effortlessly and consistently.  

That is a BIG Promise! How does it work?

Relentless technology and unwavering commitment to make billing work for you.

Smart online agreement


 Cloud based agreement signed between you and your customers 

Zero-touch invoices


The system creates and sends the invoices automatically in accordance to the agreement

Automatic payments  instead of collections


Payment and reconciliation are automatic and sync to your accounting  software 


Get paid on time effortlessly & consistently. End late payments!
Eliminates billing frustration.   Saves time, money and energy!   
Easy setup in minutes. Cloud based SaaS, No install. 
Be an industry leader for your customers.  Show them the path to painless billing.
Keep the same business operations you are familiar with, just without the work.

Happier You

"Using Anchor has made me 5 years younger."  We strive everyday for this to be your future feedback on your experience with us and a solid reality for everyone of our customers.  Anchor is built to dramatically improve efficiency, save countless hours and:

  • Get paid on time - everytime.

  • Enjoy Frictionless communication with your customers. No collection calls.

  • Manage all your relationships in one place in the cloud.

  • Eliminate costly and time consuming human errors.

  • Grow faster.  Anchor makes it seamless and impressive to add new customers.

Happier Customers

Better service with less effort. Anchor builds a digital bridge for you with your customers allowing your business relationships to move faster, be well structured, automated, and organized with greater transparency and trust.

  • Easy, hassle free payments. One click approval from any device. 

  • Bank level security, compliance and standards.

  • Customers maintain the same control over their payments. They can ask for a delay, clarification, dispute a payment, or leave it on auto pilot according to the agreement.

  • Choose your prefered payment method - risk free ACH or credit card. Effortlessly be a better customer. Always pay the right invoice and amount on time.  

  • Modern, digital experience and easy access to payment history, invoices, and much more providing an improved service under your name.


What is "Freedom from Billing?
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Freedom from billing means that you are totally liberated from dealing with invoices and discussing payments with your customers. Using Anchor enables you to have this part of the process covered, error and risk free. More on the process:  Once a customer wishes to engage with you, Anchor is used to send an online digital agreement with a modern user experience we are all familiar with from buying items online. Your customer can engage directly with the online agreement. Anchor helps facilitate a quick mutual approval online and collects their chosen payment details in advance ( ACH/ CC). Once the payment is due, a notice is sent ahead of time, and the payment is completed automatically without any effort or additional action by you or your customer.    

Who should use Anchor?
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Any business owner that wishes to benefit from technology and leverage it to their advantage. Breaking free from old, broken ways of processing accounts receivable. Those who sends out 20 and more invoices each month and have  more sizable AR activity, will experience a dramatic impact on their business on the first month. For those with a smaller AR, we feel that Anchor can set the right path, structure relationships and help expedite your growth, giving you the best tool to focus on your work rather than working to get paid for it.

What is the Relationship Anchor?
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The Relationship Anchor is the online agreement between the vendor and the customer which acts as the single source of truth. It is always updated with current terms and always remains transparent between the two sides. This online agreement governs the relationship and serves as the Anchor for all future invoices and payments to follow. 

What is risk-free controlled ACH payment?
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Risk-free controlled ACH payment is a payment available exclusively through Anchor. The customer trusts Anchor with their payment details, and the payment is executed only after it is agreed upon in the online agreement by both parties. The customer can cancel or dispute a charge ahead of time, postpone a charge, and even dispute a charge after being made (in accordance with the T&C). Anchor enables your customers to provide their payment details safely in advance, and in doing so, allows controlled, automatic payments.

Is Anchor secure?   Is paying with Anchor secure?
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Anchor is designed by data security experts with your privacy and security in mind. The platform provides three different layers of protection to help safe-guard all your sensitive information. Moreover, Anchor has partnered with, the world’s top online payment framework, processing billions of dollars each year. All payments with Anchor enjoy bank level security and encryption and are done strictly through Stripe so that none of the payment details information is actually stored by Anchor. To read more about our security with Stripe, please visit:

What customer support do we offer?
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We wish to be the Anchor in your business, so we are committed to supporting you every step of the way in order for our relationship to work and for your business to flourish. We are available on the website at, on our email at and if that doesn't work fast enough just send an email to our CEO at he will be happy to assist you.

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